Mini Nubian Does


Mini Nubian Doe

Cocoa is a very sweet girl, who has been a excellent addition to the farm. She is going to breed in the fall to our New Mini Nubian Buck Hershey.

Maybelle Marie

Our First Goat

Maymay is her barn name and she is our princess. Yes she is the goat that made the girl. She is going to be apart of our mini nubian breeding schedule and we are so excited about that. Maymay has thrown some pretty colors on kids and we see big things from her. She will be breed again in the fall to our sweet Mini Nubian Duke.

Mary Jane

Mini Nubian Mix

our sweet Mary Jane is a very exciting addition for me personally. She was Maymay's first kidding. She is a lovely moon spotted doe that has a lot of personality like her mom. She is going to be bred in the fall to Duke and we are so excited to see the surprises that those to bring to the farm.


Mini Nubian


Mini Nubian