The guy behind the girl with a goat

28 Mar

There is a guy behind the girl with a goat. He is a very big believer in making me happy lol. When I first asked for a goat he was hesitant but one day he crumbled and I had a goat within minutes. You know the rest of the story.  I am writing this tonight because this weekend we went to the Outerbanks of NC to pick up 2 baby goats. On the ride I heard him mention in a joking manner "get her a goat they said" I giggled. The thought struck me funny. My hubby then told me that he felt he was the muscle behind the goat girl. I thought to myself, yea your right, you are the muscle. He is the one who built my first pen for my first goat. He built my first barn for my first kidding and my first pasture for my first herd. He laid the path for the road the Goat Girl Farm is traveling on. We now have 25 goats on the farm, that includes the ones that we are selling and it started when he let the girl have a goat.

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