It started with a Girl & a Goat

02 Sep

You all read the how the Girl got the goat in our about us page. Well I wish I could say it was a happy story but keep in mind the girl knew nothing about goats in the beginning. Here I was a middle age lady with a baby goat that everyone had written off and said would die in a few days. Well the stubborn woman I am said that wouldn't happen. I began doing research and struggled to feed her. I knew she needed a bottle of course but was clueless as what to do when she fought me on it. All she wanted to do was be held. The first night was the hardest but finally we got adjusted with a old sippy cup and cow nipple. So began our journey as a new goat mom and a little goat baby. As Maymay grew older and we weaned her from the bottle our bond grew. She was always at my side, I could go anywhere in the yard and my sweet Maymay was with me. I realized she was what this girl really needed because my kids were almost grown and didn't need me as much, where she really did. It felt good to be a needed mommy again.

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