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We breed Registered Nigerian Dwarf, Registered Nubian, Mini Nubian and Mini Nubian mix Goats.


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The story of the goat girl begins with a field beside my place of employment. On my way into my office one day I noticed the field and the goats inside the pasture there. I quickly became friends with a pregnant doe. She was so pretty and sweet. Well she gave birth one weekend. I was excited when I came to work and seen her lovely twins. A buck and a doe.
 I fell in love with the little doe. She would come up to the fence and speak to me every day. Sometimes I felt she waited for me with her mom at the fence like we were best friends. I came in to work one Monday and the guy who owned the field of goats came to tell me that he sold all his goats Saturday and was walking thru their field and found the baby girl alone and cold. She hadn't nursed since Saturday so she may die but I could have her if I took her today.
 I brought her home even though everyone said she would never make it. Well me and my baby goat proved everyone wrong and here we are 3 years later. Just a girl and her goat.  

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Registered Nigerian Dwarfs Kids

Triple Registered

Our Goats are ADGA, AGS, & NDGA

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Registered Nubian Kids

ADGA & AGS Registered

Our Does


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

A sweet lil black doe with the bluest eyes. She will be breed for the Spring 2019 kidding schedule

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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Cleo is a sweet little lady. A welcome addition to the farm

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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Our sweet Lil Georgie Bell. She was a bottle baby here on the farm. She is spunky and full of life. She will be bred in the Fall of 2018 to our Duncan.

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Gracie Belle

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Grace is our sweet little tri-colored frosted girl. She has alot of character and makes a great addition to our Spring 2019 Breeding Schedule

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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

our sweet little Chocolate doe, with the sweetest personality.

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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Our Muffin is a super sweet girl, she belongs to our granddaughter Millie.


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Our sweet little Mazie is currently bred to Clee


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

our newest additions on the farm is this double moonspotted girl.


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Sweet little pudding, she is being bred the fall of 2018 to our Duncan


Registered Nubian Doe


Registered Nubian Doe

a sweet girl that was formally a 4-H show goat. She is a spunky girl. She is currently in our breeding pen with Copper.


Registered Nubian Doe

a former 4-H show goat Ruby is a sweet fun loving lady. She is currently in the breeding pen with Copper.


Pygmy Doe

The original goat that created the goat girl. She is currently bred by a pygmy buck we have since sold and due anytime.

Mary Jane



Nubian Doe

a very sweet girl. Smudge is the herd queen and all the others know who the boss is. She is currently in the breeding pen with Copper. She was formally the goat on a logo.

Our Bucks


Registered Nubian Buck

A very sweet gentle guy. He loves the ladies and should throw some gorgeous babies.


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Clee is a bottle fed baby. We took him in after is mom rejected him. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle. We are super excited to see what color babies he throws with some of the ladies on the farm.


Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck

a sweet lil boy who was bottle fed on the farm with his brother Clee.

AKC Anatolian Shepards


Anatolian Shepard Female

Poppy is a very good LGD. The goats respect her and she truly loves what she does. Predators from the sky and ground stay away. Her and her mate Branch are the perfect addition to our farm.


Anatolian Shepard Male

A great LGD addition to the Goat Girl Farm, Branch plays but takes the job serious. When he hears Poppy bark he is there ready to attack. He has the heart of a true protector.

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Super cute Mesh Back caps. Awesome way to show love for a sweet lil Goat



Light comfortable tshirt with our company name and logo. Perfect for when you are wanting to shop for goats or just chill out on a summer :)



We can get most any kind of Jacket you could want, but this is a goat girl favorite. Perfect for spring or fall.